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Michael Scott 2005 - 2011

In honor of the last Episode of The Office featuring Michael Scott (Steve Carell), I've decided to attempt to chronicle the events in a running blog of sorts, followed by some sort of overall review. Unlike some "running" things, this won't be posted until it's edited and such, so just deal with it.

I know I usually do movies, and there is only a few TV shows I religously watch (The Simpsons reigns forever as the best), but the exit of the famous Scott deserves a post of its own.

The Office, which has had excellent seasons (1, 2, 3, and 6) and not so great seasons (4 and 5) will continue on sans Scott, but it remains to be seen if it will survive without it's best character and actor. No word on who the new boss will officially be.

As of now, a number of people are supposedly going to make guest appearances or are rumored to be the new Manager - here's a brief rundown:

Not very bloody funny, mate

1) Ricky Gervais - From the British version of The Office, he's not really that funny (except when ripping Hollywood into shreds), but is probably one of the better options. That being said, it appears that he's got a lot going on and is probably not gonna be the guy.

In Breaking News: I'm not funny, at all

2) Will Ferrell - I don't like him at all. Some people do, I just don't. According to the article linked above, he also has plenty going on and is too high priced to be the guy. Thankfully.

3) Will Arnett - Don't really know the guy at all. But apparently, according to above linked article he's got a new show he's signed on to do, so likely won't do both.

If only...

4) Jim Carrey - I wish. I'm shocked he's even appearing on TV again. Wayyyy high-priced.

Meh...not the best choice

5) Ray Romano - I like him in Men of a Certain Age, but that's also because of my desire to see Scott Bakula be employed and doing well (Sam Beckett's still leaping somewhere..but that's another post for another time). Not sure his style of comedy would work well with The Office and his other show is still going, although maybe not for too long if TNT really cares about subpar ratings. (Hopefully not).

6) Catherine Tate - Appearing in the Finale. Who?! Apparently has a clear schedule though...

7) James Spader - Another one appearing in the finale that I don't know with a clear schedule.

As a pre-note to the running blog - I really don't like Will Ferrell, and it shows. Also I've never seen the British version of The Office, nor do I have a desire to, so no comparisons are required and I really don't care about it. The only thing the British ever did that was funny was Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Without further ado here's the breakdown of Michael Scott's last episode:

9:00PM - Bull testicles, yum. Dwight is a solid character, always has been. Bears are Dwight's well known speciality. They eat beets...battlestar gallatica. Only Rainn Wilson can play Dwight, and unfortunately he kinda type-casts himself, but it seems like that's the only kind of character he can play anyway.

Dwight - he's a badass one-character kinda-guy

9:01PM - Salami in a pocket - you make your own penis jokes. Dwight eating the bull testicle now..nice.

9:02PM - Who's actually been to Scranton, anyone?! New opening scene..meh.

9:02PM - Yes, please go in the break room and not come back Will...hate him. What was his last good movie?! Anchorman? Old School?

Gabe = Not Funny

9:04PM - Gabe is crazy, don't really like his character at all. Great line by Jim. Sometimes you forget that it's a documentary that they are all aware of.

9:04PM - Since when is Meredith in the Party Planning Committee?!

9:05PM - Oh noooo not the mug, the mug's been there forever...

Phyllis - I can do without her

9:08PM - Haha, oh geeze Phyllis..that was random. Baby she gave away? Zoinks. I can do without the Phyllis character, she never really does anything out of the ordinary.

9:10PM - Felt? I don't get it. With Michael going around to eveyrone with subliminal messages in his kinda crappy gifts I can't help but wonder - Is this Wizard of Oz?! Woah on the clients, oh boy that'll cause drama. Hey, shouldn't Andy be making his way from Vegas or some foreign country by now?

I'm special yay!

9:11PM - Kevin is a great character. Couldn't be better played and a great part of The Office. Love it.

9:12PM - Oscar - What is that he got? Clueless here...but nice Scott dying of laughing scene though. Oscar's another good character. Stanley can be added to the list of good characters, while Kelly is just kinda annoying and not really funny.

9:13PM - Here's what I don't get about Angela - She's super conservative in everything she does, but she had sex all over that office with Dwight? Seems very out of character. What do you mean that her State Senator politician boyfriend is gay with his aide and uses her for appearances only? A politician would never, ever do something that low.

9:14PM -Looks like Will's demise will be his excessive eating problem...good anything to get him off the show.

9:15PM - Michael really detailing well the issues with moving to a different state. I'm still trying to figure out channels since my move from Jersey to sucks.

9:16PM - Who doesn't like Holly?

Nobody likes HR

9:20PM - Toby...not a funny character, but I guess you need the HR person everyone hates there. I actually read once that the guy who plays Toby isn't an actor at all, he's one of the guys behind the scenes (Producer or Director or something), and he really doesn't like being on camera but the actors/actresses like him there. He's directed a few episodes (some of the cast does that as well - Ryan writes each one and has also directed).

9:21PM - Haha, I like the Ryan and Michael relationship. Remember when he was just a temp?

9:22PM - More disturbing things disclosed by Phyllis.

9:23PM - Gabe is just disturbing. Creed coming out of the women's bathroom = Great!

9:24PM - Haha weird scene with Rorey Flenderson. I liked Darryl back in the warehouse and not in the office. Nobody looks familiar down there anymore. Whatever happened to that lady that looked like a dude?

Andy in his alter-ego

9:25PM - Where's the baby? Where's the bearded guy? Oh sorry, wrong thing.

9:30PM - Not funny on the scene with Will and Andy.

9:31PM - Interesting father-daughter kinda-realtionship with Erin and Michael. It's cute. Although..he thinks he's her mom.

9:33PM - Nice touching scene with Dwight reading the letter. Paintball time! I know this blog's owner is happy.

9:34PM - That is way close range, those paintball thingies hurt big time. And it's hard for them to get off your hair and skin like that.

9:35PM - Way to kill the deal Will.

9:36PM - Hey, don't hate on Pam - she's got to get her King's Speech on..ha.

Creed's former "Office" mates

9:39PM - Oh come on, Creed deserves his own goodbye. Not Gabe. Gabe is terrible. Creed needs to jam out with The Grassroots for Michael Scott.

9:41PM - Yay Andy! What's up with the pink pants?

9:43PM - Hahaha, making fun of Asians is always classy. Jim is super smart.

9:44PM - Who doesn't like Jim? Awwwwww nice scene. Where's Pam?

9:45PM - Ok now this is getting sad. Goosebumps. Creed for the win.

9:47PM - Unbelievable scene right there. Just outstanding. I loved the taking the mic off and talking to the documentarians.

Always left us smiling and satisified

9:48PM - Exit Michael Scott. May or may not have just shed a tear. Nowhere near as many as I did for Up though.

9:51PM - Uh Oh is right. Ok sign me up on the upcoming episodes for sure. Ricky Gervais, Ray Romano, and Jim Carrey, niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Has Carrey even done any TV since In Living Color?! That's a huge guest appearance.

Overall, a great episode of The Office and a fitting ending for Michael Gary Scott. The weak points are the awkward comments by Phyllis, the Kelly scene, anything with Will Ferrell, and Gabe's awkwardness and crazy acting. The strong points outweigh the weak with Scott not having a huge goodbye party and his end scene. I really like that after the big goodbye's they've done in the past (ala Goodbye Toby), that they kept this low-key and were very down-to-earth in the Scott's second thinking and overall goodbye. The last few scenes with Scott were outstanding and the goodbye's to each character were a nice touch.

The Office will be a very different place without Steve Carell and it remains to be seen just how much longer it will survive. Certainly the guest stars they have lined up will keep people tuned in for the rest of the season, but the next season and anything further will be very interesting sans Carell. Nobody will be able to fill his shoes, but The Office could certainly make a much quicker exit should it pick a subpar replacement. Here's hoping they don't screw it up, and when it's time to end the show for good - they do it the right way. Not do it the right way - then create a new season featuring mostly newbies that is just awful.

In the infamous Eric ratings chart (follows much like the Michael Scott ratings system from the "Beach Games" episode of The Office) -- The last episode of The Office with Michael Scott gets 8 points, 4 gold stars, and 2 thumbs up.

Now to leave with you with Michael Gary Scott's famous "That's What She Said" lines: (Embedding was disabled - sorry - check the link).

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