Monday, November 22, 2010

Regina Spektor, Respek

You don't need to tell me that the name of this blog includes the holy words "Heavy Metal." You don't need to tell me that Regina Spektor is not Metal. And you don't need to tell me that I have a vagina for liking her music... I concede that figurative description. But I like her anyway, so whatever, suck it.

Other than kind of having Dracula hands in this picture, 
she's not that bad looking.
(I mean, she'd be hotter if she was blonde... of course. haha)

I haven't really gotten into Spektor's music too much yet, but I have had the pleasure of listening to some of her songs. They are fairly original, she has a unique enough voice to not bore me, or annoy me, and her musical composition deserves at least an A-. All in all, I think she's a pretty good musician.

I have a soft spot for piano generally, but this girl really hits my piano-spot in a lot of her songs. It seems to be a focus of hers, which is awesome, because the piano isn't really used very much (or correctly, in my opinion) in modern music. But whatever, I guess that could be attributed to things slowly turning to crap -- aka ke$ha, e.g. Spektor rocks it in the indie sphere, and I think she pulls it off.

Ya'll will be gettin' a flavor for my tastes as time goes on. My blog's title is slightly a misnomer for me, but it sounds better than "Law School and/or Heavy Metal about 60% of the time with Indie/Alt. Rock about 40% of the time." See, e.g., The Arcade Fire, Jenny Lewis, Company of Thieves, Rilo Kiley.  :)


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